1. How often is your curriculum updated?

Smart MBA Online will update the curriculum every year and incorporate the latest trends and developments into the curriculum. The Industry Advisory Board will meet once in 12 Months to perform this task.

2. What are the core subjects and sub subjects?

Core Subjects:

• There are 4 semesters. Sem I will have 6 subjects. Sem II will have 5 subjects plus 1 project. Sem III has 6 subjects. Sem IV has 5 subjects plus 1 project.

• The Subjects will cover Major Functions for the Management (Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, and Productions. • Every subject will have 5 sub topics. Every Sub topics will have 4-7 chapters

• More Focus in to Developing Leadership skills and Personality Development

• There are a total of 1050 video lectures

• There are a total of 5000 PPTs with voice overs

(PFA for more Video and PPT voice over Details)

3. Every MBA has a specialization in the second year. In what areas does this MBA does give specialization?

There is no specialization in the 2nd year of this Program.

MBA Business Leadership program will cover all the Major Functions of Management and Concepts of Business. After Joining this Program students will learn all the aspects of Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Operation and Production Management, etc.

This Program Consists of More Than 22 Core Subjects with 2 Research Projects.

More Focus in to Developing Leadership skills, Personality Development, Understanding the Organization Values and Business Ethics

4. How much content will b loaded on the tablet?

I BALL Slide Inbuilt Memory is 8GB

a) 4 semesters Book Materials will be stored in the Form of PDF format

b) Each Subject Divided into Chapter and Units and each units will consist min 5 PPTs and Maximum you can find out 1500 PPTS for all the two year subjects in the I ball Slide

c) Through your Online Login ID and Password, you can login our website you can watch our Video lectures based on your flexible timings

5. How can my queries be solved and what process is adopted for the same?

Online Support:


Through Online By Login your ID You can ask your queries, based on your queries it will be rooted concern Heads (Academic Head, Admin Head, Technical Head, University support person, Finance Support persons) They will reply to you queries within 2 working day. (You will get two reminders, Delivered Report and Queries response) The student and Management can track the response support systems through this Option.

Options 2:

You can call the our Support Service Numbers and You can Discuss about the Query. They will forward it to concerned dept and revert to you within 2 days.

All queries will be handled immediately and efficiently.

5. Will your content and training methodology be sufficient for me to get the degree or would I have to take personal coaching for passing the degree?

PLZ go through the Video Lectures Carefully, Learn From Your PPT and PDF Documents, Regularly go through the support documents and Discussions in the Forum, and take the Self assessment tests , PLZ go through Last year Question Bank will be available in the PDF. If you do all this definitely you can able to Score GOOD MARKS in the Examinations.

When you do all of this, you not only score good marks but also became more capable and more skilled.

6. How much time per day/week should be invested to achieve the MBA successfully?What are your suggestions?

1. Whenever you have time accesses the internet PLZ go through our Online Video Lectures and E-PPT Slide,

2. Whenever you are free but you don’t have accesses to Internet PLZ go through the PDF files and PPT slide will be there in your I BALL Slide inbuilt memory.

3. Spend Minimum 100 hrs in each semester to prepare and equip yourself

4. Don’t go through this content with mind of getting pass marks or get an easy degree program. Decide to give your fullest.

7. I am not an English medium student. Will it be difficult for me to do this MBA?

Sure this not a major problem, certainly you can learn MBA and you can get his degree, let me tell you how,

1. This Video Lectures are given by the Indian Lecturer only, we don’t have any video lectures given by foreign lecturers. Hence you will be able to follow the Indian accent when you listen carefully.

2. By watching these Video’s and E-PPTS PPT with Voice over, you can easily understand the subject and learn. You not only learn your subjects, but your English will also pick up very well.

3. And Apart from that you will get PDF Book Materials PLZ go through the BOOKs and PPT and you can learn this MBA very easily.

In fact this is the right MBA for you, if you don’t know English For eg, if you are in regular class, the faculty is teaching in English, if you’re not able to understand maximum you can ask three times to explain the same chapter, after that whether you understand are not that faculty will go to the Next Chapter, he will not wait for you, But in, you can watch the lectures maximum no. of times, and if you have the dictionary you can go through the English grammars and meanings. Our materials will be easy to understand.

8. Can a student ask his doubts during the live lecture?

What are the chances of him being answered as there would be hundreds of student logged in at the same time? This MBA Program consist of More than 1,200 video Lectures and 5000 PPT with Voice Over all this lectures are delivered by Top IIM Lecturers and Professors.

At present we are not conducting Live lecture or Live class rooms. But our website has that Live Streaming Facilities.

We are specially made this program for Easy Accessibility of the students

1) 24x7 accesses to online courses and classes

2) Online learning delivery platform for anytime, anywhere learning access

Live Lectures is more like a regular Class room sessions. If you miss 2 or 3 live sessions after that you can able learn the particular subjects.

But Smart MBA online you can watch these lectures Maximum No. of time based on your flexible timings.

You can clarify your academic and non academic queries by sending mail to the respective heads. Mail details will be available in the Student Support Service Menu.

9. All these Video Lectures are recorded one, we not giving any live lectures to the students

Our Site has these Live Streaming Facilities, at present we are not offering any live lectures. The available video lectures are more than sufficient for the student to benefit, gain and grow.


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