1. What is the difference between an online MBA and an on-campus MBA?

Generally, there is no difference. MBA programmes typically require around two years of full-time study. Most MBA degrees are comprised of one year of core business classes, and one year of specialized study.

The only difference between the majority of on-campus and online MBAs is where the classes take place. While on-campus programmes offer students time for discussion in person, online MBA programs use internet-based tools discussion forums, PPT Voice over and video lessons, email and chat to facilitate interaction with faculty and fellow students.

2. Will my degree certificate indicate I completed an online MBA programme?

The degree certificate from Bharathidasan University will not specifically mention that the MBA was earned online.

3. Is my degree recognized?

Yes! The degree you earn is awarded by Bharathidasan University which is a government university, recognized by the UGC (Universities Grants Commission) and DEC (Distance Education Counsel)

4. Is Online MBA programme as effective as attending classes on campus?

Yes! We would say it is even more effective than attending classes in campus. Unlike in a classroom where it is possible for students to passively receive information, in an online classroom, one has to actively participate in the process. Active participation results in better learning.

In addition, because the learner controls the pace, the time of study and the intensity of work, learning is more effective.

The other advantage is that PPT Voice over and video lessons can be listened to again and again. Apart from this, the student can participate in discussion forums where hundreds of students come from different industries and locations unlike the regular MBA where the interaction is only with a given set of students from the same city or town.

5. Will this degree be recognized globally?

Will corporate accept this degree? Definitely this Degree will be recognized globally, Our Syllabus is also talking more about, Global Marketing, International Business Management, International Financial Management, Global HRM Trends and various things. Our Syllabus Match with most corporate requirements. This Syllabus is designed only after intensive research of industry needs.

6. Will employers in India value this online MBA?

Most employers value a programme based on the comprehensiveness and the relevance of the curriculum, academic rigorousness of the programme, credibility of the assessment process and the nature of the degree granting institution. Most Indian employers already sponsor and encourage their employees to take correspondence and part-time programmes offered by well-known universities.

The degree for smart mba online offered by Bharathidasan University which is a government university recognized by the Universities Grants Commission (UGC). Hence this accreditation has lot of value and recognition.

7. Will this degree really make a difference in my career?

Today, there is tight competition in the market and you head to have an edge over others all the time. A good MBA degree like this is a mandatory for your career growth and safety. This degree will make all the difference in your life and career.

8. What is the difference between a correspondence programme and this online MBA programme?

SMART MBA ONLINE has several advantages over the traditional correspondence courses. The curriculum offered by Smart MBA Online is more academically rigorous and industry-relevant than most of the correspondence courses available. SMART MBA ONLINE also offers a wide range of subjects that are not usually available in the correspondence formats. Smart MBA Online MBA is interactive; you get constant feedback on your performance from faculty and fellow students.

Unlike correspondence courses, you can raise a question and get it answered by a faculty within 48 hours. You can chat with your fellow students or mail them and discuss topics of common interests.

You can study from anywhere and anytime and even with just your mobile phone. Unlike the correspondence courses, Smart MBA Online offers PPT Voice over and video lessons from well-known professors and leading industry experts. You can watch the videos and listen to the PPT Voice over lessons repeatedly for better understanding. Smart MBA Online also offers placement assistance to all the successful students.

9. Is this Online MBA equivalent to receiving a Master’s degree?

Yes, this is a Master's degree by itself from a recognized university and NOT a diploma or certificate programs. This University Accreditation has lot of value and recognition.

10. Will the Online MBA from Smart MBA Online be considered for admission to PhD?

Yes, the online MBA is a Master's degree from Bharathidasan University. Since Master's degree is a pre-requisite for a PhD, students are eligible to apply for the same.

11. What is the specialty of this MBA?

Features of this MBA:

• Degree is Recognized by DEC, UGC and the Ministry of HRD

• 24x7 accesses to online courses and classes

• Video lectures delivered by management gurus, Professors from IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Ranchi, IIM Bangalore and from other Top Rated Management Institutions.

• Fully collaborative features for interaction and social learning

• Online learning delivery platform for anytime, anywhere learning access

• Access to Industry mentor chats, discussions groups, videos, blogs, news, case studies and projects

• All our Video content is accessible over the web using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

• Free I BALL Slide with all PDF and PPT Contents of this MBA Program

• Scratch Card for Easy Login Access

12. What is the tenure of this MBA and which is the university which will award the degree?

Degree: MBA Business Leadership

Durations: 2 years (4 Semesters)

Degree Awarded by: Bharathidasan University

13. Which recognitions does this programme have since there are many bodies like UGC, DEC etc ?

Degree will awarded by Bharathidasan University, Bharathidasan University is recognized by UGC, DEC and Ministry of HRD. So the Degree is recognized by UGC, DEC and ministry of HRD.

14. What will be mentioned on the degree and how will the degree look?

Can you email us a scanned copy? Our program MBA Business Leadership: Download the Specimen Degree Certificate.


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